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About us

Since our inception in 1980, Sleek Sales has become one of the leading distributors of Bosch security products in India. We have amassed a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge in the communication, evacuation, sound reinforcement, conferencing and security markets.

We have achieved this position by adopting an approach to service delivery that is both highly professional, friendly and customer focused. Working in partnership with Bosch Security Systems, we ensure that your investment in technology fits your requirements and delivers real value.

What ever your requirements we can help. Whether you are simply looking for a replacement part or the complete design, supply, installation or commissioning of a major project, our Bosch technical specialists will work alongside your team to provide the specialist knowledge that you need to support your business activities.

At Sleek Sales, we know that your decision to purchase new technology is only the beginning - that’s why we have a range of professional, support services that ensure your investment is in safe hands.

Design and quotation support

Whatever your requirements our Bosch / EV accredited engineers and sales professionals are always on hand to help design your system. We can work from any building plans or tender specification you may have to design a complete solution for you. Simply contact us and we will respond immediately to your enquiry.

Installation service

Our managed installation service ensures that your equipment is installed and commissioned to exactly suit your requirements.

Commissioning your equipment

Many customers have their own installation teams, but appreciate Sleek Sale's assistance in commissioning systems prior to service. Our Bosch / EV accredited engineers will commission your system in accordance with current regulatory standards and will provide peace of mind during those critical final stages before going live.

In addition, your employees can make an enormous contribution to the success of your technology investment. Our commissioning engineers can work closely with your staff to ensure that the technology delivers real benefit throughout the organisation.