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Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance Contracts for your Sound Systems

An Annual Maintenance Contract with Sleek Sales protects your investment on an audio system and helps you maximize its potential. With the peace of mind it provides, you’ll probably sleep better too. Its easy to forget how essential your audio system is to your business until it stops working. You then realize how badly you need it.

Investing in an AMC relieves you of the burden of keeping your system up and about at all times and places it in the hands of a team of specialists who will give it all the technical care that it needs.

AMCs for Conference systems

AMCs for Background Music,
Paging and Announcement Systems

Introducing AUDIOCARE – the no-fuss, no-problem AMC that does a lot of good things for you

Removes your tension, for one

We understand the responsibilities of an Administration Manager…..And the headaches that go with it. Somebody has a meeting to call and the Sound system goes down. Or it starts with a hum or noise. Perhaps, its that real tough one – a VVIP or a foreign delegation is expected, the Sound System is on the blink and you have to get it working, come what may. What you need is people who can take care of the total system – amplifiers, mixers, microphones, power supplies, music sources…. what have you. So that you can carry on with your work …. and get all the accolades!!

Does away with lack of speed, for example

Now, you may find that “know-everything-about-everything” kind of Sound System company but the question is how fast are they responding. Of what use is their capability if you have to hear all the barbs while they take a couple of days in getting to you just because your smaller audio system is much too small compared to the customer who has a large sound reinforcement system. You end up spending most of your time chasing the maintenance company rather than doing your normal work. With the result that people think you are the one to blame for all the delays.

Saves you from the feeling of utter helplessness, to say the least

Where do you find yourself- in a bind, really. The other guys don’t do their work and you get the flak. Your bosses see you as a “not-too-hot” kind of an administration person. And that is reflected in your career chart. What are your options ?

Audiocare. From Sleek Sales

Sleek Sales came into being 30 years ago when a bunch of professionals got together to offer excellence through automation. Today, it is a reputed name in the field of professional audio systems. Audiocare from Sleek Sales is a refreshing change in the AMC jungle.

No fine prints
No excuses
Just plain and simple hard work and dedication

In short, we’re on the ball. To ensure your peace of mind. Get things working for you.

So that, you can do what you are really supposed to do - administer more important affairs in your organization… without losing any sleep over the sound system.

We are well equipped, both in men and material. In talent and technology. To handle all your maintenance needs. Including those of manning your meetings and functions (at a nominal extra cost, of course). Even training your staff - which is quite rare these days. Not to forget, preventive maintenance every 60 days. With complete stand-by-support if required. And a quick response service to ensure that your complaint is attended to on the same day or the next Then, there is our telephone help line to solve most problems over the phone itself. So, get in touch with us. By phone, cell-phone, voice mail, fax or e-mail (you see, we’re really well connected to ensure you can contact us any time of the day).

We’ll come over and discuss your requirements and work out a package that suits you best. Even give you references of any of our over 10000 esteemed clients (ranging from small sound systems to very large ones). And promise, we’ll stand back and watch as you take all the glory. After all, you would have made the right move with AUDIOCARE.