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Background Music & Paging Systems

Offices come in many different shapes and sizes. Most require quality background music and clear voice announcements. The Plena Public Address Easy Line is an ideal solution for smaller office environments with various zones, such as a demonstration room, a lobby or a warehouse.

Plena Public Address Easy Line features 10 flexible inputs, various connectivity options and multi-zone control with professional-level amplification. It is easy to install and equally easy to customize and expand. Separate tone control for speech and music, source labels and recommended setting indicators makes the system easy to use as well.

Smart sound solutions: real-world business situations

The Plena Public Address Easy Line provides multi-zone public address and background music for the modern business world. A Plena Mixer with a corresponding amplifier is the best way to cover two different areas, like an office building and small warehouse.

Multi-zoned announcements

A two-story office building has different public address needs. Announcements are required throughout the building whereas music is only needed in the warehouse or lobby. Music may be redirected as "on hold" music in the telephone system. In this application, the lobby receptionist can access a two-zone call station with built-in chimes to direct announcements throughout the building or specific zones, like the warehouse. The second floor receptionist has a similar two-zone call station to make zone-related announcements. A remote control wall panel is also present for zone and sound source selection from the second floor.

Smaller offices may benefit from the 3-wire volume override feature. With this easy set-up, users can enjoy music in the office. A separate volume control is installed in each office to adjust the volume. For important announcements, the priority call station can override the music.

Multi-sourced music

A Plena background music source is connected to the Plena Mixer to provide music in the lobby. More specific audio equipment and music sources are used in the demonstration room. For clear presentations, meetings and even small parties, additional equipment could include two wireless hand-held microphones; a Plena feedback suppressor; two wireless belt-pack transmitters; a PC-based MP3 player for multi-media solutions or music as well as two Bosch XLA loudspeakers.

Additional functionality

Standard announcements can be automated by integrating a Bosch Message Manager and Bosch Weekly Timer. Extra wall panels can be incorporated in the warehouse or other areas.

Practical. Versatile. Multi-purpose

Every business location is unique with its own particular requirements. That is why Bosch designed this system as a multi-functional concept with clean-cut European design. Good looks aside, Plena Easy Line is built to last without overlooking user-friendly functionality, sound quality and excellent speech intelligibility.