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Home Theatre

Home Theatre

A home theatre is meant to equal or exceed (we certainly aim to exceed) the experience of a good theatre. It means watching a movie on a large screen with a good high resolution audio system capable of serious dynamics in a room capable of darkening. just like in the theater but without the long queues and admission price.

Two reasons for a dark room, one is the obvious improvement in large screen picture quality, the other – at least as important - is to rid us of all visual cues (ideally all you can see is the picture) allowing us to be totally taken in by the action on screen. Any visual cues - lights on, equipment lights, decorations, pictures, artifacts etc. if you can see them they keep you in the room rather than allowing you to be transported into the on - screen action.

Most people have a surround system and Television that they watch movies on and although it can be very gratifying and enjoyable, they miss the true theatre experience that comes from a well designed home theatre.

The Room

One of the most overlooked components of a good sound system – be it 2 channel or multi-channel is the room. Most people are required to make use of an available room after construction and make the best of it. Those that are able to construct a room, either as part of a renovation or new construction, should consider room dimensions and construction materials as part of the formula for good sound.

Room size

Room size is a function of space available, number and style of seats desired and other potential uses for the room. A cozy home theatre can be created in a small room – we demonstrate in an 11’ by 14’ room a very good audio system and 32” picture.

Audio System

Most surround systems are underpowered. The amount of power required for theater like dynamics depends on room size, speaker efficiency and desired volume levels. If any kind of acoustic treatment is used the power requirement again goes up since a lot of reflected sound would be reduced – now to obtain the same perceived levels we have to drive the speakers harder. Many consumer speakers are not capable of playing the dynamic levels required of a ‘serious’ home theatre.

5.1, 6.1, 7.1

Most movies are mastered in 5.1 surround – be it Dolby Digital or DTS –and with the new Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats, more and more will be coming out with discrete 6.1 & 7.1 channels. In a small room with seating at the back wall a good 5.1 system will give a great experience. If the room is long, with seating in rows, or is very wide then certainly 6.1 and 7.1 systems will help fill the acoustic space and provide the 6th and 7th discrete channel when available. Most receivers or processors will create synthetic 6 or 7 channel sound from a 5.1 source. Blu-ray & HD-DVD disks have a higher capacity and will take advantage of the new audio formats Dolby True HD and DTS-HD. Prepare to be amazed !!

To hide or not to hide

Equipment can be an eyesore in any room if not installed neatly. The distraction caused by exposed equipment can seriously degrade the deep involvement possible with a good movie. Having said that one can not completely capture the depth of sound field revered by serious music listeners when putting speakers into a cabinet or wall. If the room is to be used for serious 2 channel music listening there are very valid reasons for using free standing speakers at the front, otherwise one can certainly create multi channel music and movie sound tracks extremely well with speakers hidden in a cabinet behind grill cloth or in the wall.


One good subwoofer is good. Two is better. It is a rare occasion when the subwoofer ends up in the optimum place. Generally the position is dictated by aesthetics or space for equipment. Low frequency is prone to create standing waves resulting in parts of the room having significantly greater bass than other parts. The person sitting in a null is being cheated or if the system has been calibrated from a null then others are being overcome by bass. Two subs at different locations can produce a more even bass response and increases dynamic capability for the whole room.

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