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PA & Emergency Announcement

Bosch, a world leader in the design and manufacture of public address systems for every application, is proud of its track record - more than half a century old - of delivering the best in sound reinforcement and management equipment. Undoubtedly, this experience and expertise has contributed to the development of Bosch’s current approach to PA systems: advanced and modular - yet cost-effective.

Where it comes to public safety, a high-quality and reliable Voice Alarm System can provide just the right tool needed for a quick and orderly evacuation of public establishments. Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the IEC60849 standard (and its national equivalents), only products that conform to this standard and pass Bosch’s own tough testing routine bear the Bosch ‘EVAC’ seal of certification.

Sleek Sales has installed thousands of such systems that provide a secure and enjoyable environment that people are entitled to.

The Bosch Plena Voice Alarm System is a total solution designed with your requirements in mind incorporating state-of-the-art audio technology, including options for PC Managed digital messaging and background music with full system supervision.

We also have the World's first fully digital Public Address and Emergency Sound System - The Bosch Praesideo. By keeping all audio processing, communication and control functions entirely in the digital domain, Praesideo moves public address and emergency onto a higher plane altogether. And remember - no other system does the same.

The Praesideo besides being fully digital, is fully scalable, offers 28 dynamically assigned audio channels, digital message management and conforms to international standards of Evacuation. The Bosch Praesideo is IEC60849 and BS5839 : Part 8 certified by the TUV, Europe's leading authorities. It is also SOLAS certified which is the most important international treaty concerning the safety of merchant ships.