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Professional Sound Systems

Audio Solutions

Sound carries much of the emotional content of our communication. It is therefore important that we choose our sound system that helps convey these emotions in their true flavour. Sleek Sales engineers are dedicated to creating systems and solutions that help do just that no matter what your facility. From understanding your requirements to turnkey delivery for all your audio needs, we have the solution for you. Your needs could be clear speech from your PA system or a high quality live performance system for your auditorium or background music in your restaurant, retail shop or mall or any other facility, we have solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations. The sound systems are installed by our engineers directly who will also train your staff on using the system after the installation. And of course, we look after the system after installation through our field engineers who will visit your site regularly and maintain the system for optimal performance.

Night Clubs and Discos

Sound systems for Night Clubs and Discos

A club is only as good as its sound system. When it comes to delivering the audio experience that holds a clubs reputation in the balance, it pays to look at the components inside the speaker box and all the electronics before pulling out your cheque book. We use EV systems that builds all system elements to standards that send other manufacturer’s back to the drawing board. And for the power behind the party, EV amplifiers not only provide world-renowned remote control reliability and performance, they actually sound fantastic. EV systems can be heard making an impact in the world’s biggest clubs and most exclusive ultra-lounges providing audio from all angles – be it massive low end response, clear distributed sound or high frequency intelligibility, night after night. To handle both the high SPL and sonic nuances that keep the crowds coming, world class clubs look and hear no further than EV.

Clientele – Sound systems for Night Clubs and Discos

Shopping Malls

sound system for Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls take a lot of planning. With competition heating up in this arena, creating a positive atmosphere and having the right facilities to keep your customers interested in coming back are key factors. Background music along with the right music content helps create the atmosphere. Clean music that permeates very clearly across the space is a must for all malls. The sound system may also be used for making promotional announcements.

Clientele – Sound systems for Shopping Malls

Retail Showrooms

sound system for Retail Showrooms

For us to hold consumers and have them stay longer at our store we need to create a persuasive atmosphere. Research shows that the longer a customer stays and browses through the store the higher the chance of his making a purchase. Silence Isn’t Golden. Conversely, dead air in a store not only means a loss of excitement, but a loss of sales as well. Research proves it. It has been found that music increases not only the amount of time shoppers spend in a store, but also the number of purchases they make.

Clientele – Sound systems for Retail Stores

Restaurants and Bars

sound system for Restaurants and Bars

In creating the right dining experience all elements have to be synchronized to create the right atmosphere and mood. Research shows three out of four people identify quality sound and prefer it.. Fine Dining is an experience. An important ingredient of a perfect setting is music. Quality music sets the mood, helps people relax and savor the experience. Our solutions not only promise uniform coverage across your restaurant but our systems are designed to blend in with your decor, delivering quality sound & fostering just the right mood for your guests.

Clientele – Sound systems for Restaurants

Gyms and Spas

Audio system for Gyms and Spas

Gyms, spas, health and beauty centres are a part of life today. Guests increasingly seek a refuge for body and mind, away from the stresses of modern life. A place where they can enjoy a vigorous work out. Or a sanctuary where they can enjoy being pampered and “detoxed” with reviving therapies. And where sound has a key part to play. We can offer audio systems which deliver soothing or stimulating sound to suit these particular spaces. The system can simultaneously enliven a session in the hydrotherapy pool or gym, provide an appropriate atmosphere to a massage or discreetly add to the serenity of an aromatherapy room. High quality sound will make a positive contribution to the well being and satisfaction of your clients.

Clientele – Sound systems for Gyms and Spas


Sound systems for Offices

Atmospherics of an office are critical in determining the motivational level of the employees which in turn affects the overall performance of the organization. Increasing number of corporates are recognizing this. A good background music keeps employees more upbeat about their work, a good conferencing system makes for quality and effective interaction over distance, a good sound system in the cafeteria help the corporates execute recreational and team building activities effectively. We at Sleek Sales understand this. The audio needs in an office may be broadly divided into background music, paging points for making announcements, Audio Conferencing systems with multiple mics for the Board Rooms and Conference Rooms, Interactive microphones and presentation systems for Training and Seminar Rooms and an EVAC compliant Voice Alarm System for making emergency announcements.

Clientele – Sound systems for Offices


Sound systems for Hotels and Restaurants

In the hotels business your success depends on giving your guests the best of everything you can and everything your competition cannot. Each detail is important. A Good Experience might well bring them back. The challenge is to create this EXPERIENCE - one ordinarily uses lighting, décor displays to this end but a quality audio system goes a long way to reinforce the atmosphere – and hence adds to the experience. Hotels need to have high quality music and announcements relayed to all their areas. Guest Rooms entertainment systems have moved up the ladder to provide hi-technology experience for your guests. High quality home theater systems without the messy wiring is the norm for use in the guest rooms.

Clientele – Sound systems for Hotels and Restaurants

Other Venues

You have a requirement of quality sound, we have the solution. No matter how large the space or how varied the application or how challenging the acoustics of your space, we have the skills and technology to deliver quality sound. Whether it is an indoor solution or an outdoors or a portable solution that you are looking for, we have the answers. Choose from a wide range of speakers and amplifiers, signal processors and music sources. To know more contact us today!

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