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  • Consultation for Audio system design
  • Configuring a system tailor made to suit your requirements
  • Providing complete schematic for cable runs
  • Installation services
  • Performance tweaks
  • On-site service for "under-warranty" systems
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Live demo in our Demo Room
  • Working on a system design using Acoustic Modelling Software
  • Guidance on cables and accessories to use
  • System alignment and tuning
  • Training your staff on proper use of system
  • Sound System repair
  • and much more

Custom installation has been a key part of our business since we opened in 1980. To us, custom installation refers to a simple delivery and hook-up of components be it a state-of-the-art cinema room, an elaborate whole-house system with multi-zone capabilities or a complex auditorium, a club, pub, restaurant or office – infact all those venues where an audio system is required. Because our goal is to respond to individual needs, we consider all installations to be “custom”.

Of course complex installations require highly specialized skills. We keep abreast of all the innovations in the field and have the expertise to execute the most complicated projects. Our staff has years of experience performing installations in a variety of home environments and work sites, from new construction to existing venues. Our work often involves retrofitting systems in difficult sites which are being renovated.

Our talented sales people, systems designers, installers, programmers and engineers regularly attend training seminars and conferences arranged by our principals.

Service, as we understand it, refers to the sum of our responsibilities to our customers. We believe that our most important work begins after the sale and that it is what we do behind the scenes that best defines us. Our support staff, which far outnumbers our sales staff, is involved in many after-the-sale services, including repairs in our in-house service department where we stock a comprehensive inventory of parts so that repairs can be completed rapidly.

We are often required to offer consultation since the acoustics of a given room or space are what we need to manage and understand when considering a new sound system. Simply put we are dealing with the sound after it is produced by a speaker or sound system. All of the building materials that go into the construction of a building affect this sound. Not only the type of material but the quantity of carpet, glass, ceiling material as well as the size and shape of the room can have a positive as well as negative effect on any type of sound system.

Room acoustics play an important role in the transfer of sound waves from the system to the listener. Factors such as direct sound, reverb time, and early or late reflections of a room, all affect the intelligibility of the human voice. These factors need to be determined and understood so that a properly designed sound system can be implemented.

Our audio consultants use an acoustic modeling software package to help determine and evaluate these various acoustical properties.

Once we understand the scope of your project a proposal will be prepared which will describe the scope of work to be performed, the services we will provide and the payment terms and conditions.