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Sound Systems for Residences

Work or play, music seems to make the time go by easier. And Whole House Audio allows you to have music and listening choices at your fingertips. Now it’s the house that comes alive with the sound of music. Play what you want when you want it in any room of the house – even have the music follow you from room to room if you ‘d like. Whether it is an iPod, an iPad, or an iPhone, a CD, AM / FM radio or music server, all of these devices can relay music to any room that is part of the system. Imagine music playing throughout the house during a party !!

Taking that a step further, different sources can relay sound in different rooms at the same time. The radio can be playing in the den while the iPod is playing on the patio and a CD in the master bedroom, etc. Control can be a simple push button keypad that allows volume control and source selection. You’re no longer limited to a set of speakers in the living room. Thanks to Whole House Audio.

The Whole House audio system can be installed in a new construction and can also be retrofitted for most existing homes. You can locate all of your equipment in a remote location. You can then place speakers inconspicuously on bookshelves or in the walls or ceilings of your rooms and have centralized amplification to control the system. We will design the entire system for you so as to make the installation look virtually like a wireless one. The multi room audio system will be custom – designed to meet your needs and to provide the level of control you desire. A centralised audio system allows you to send your favorite music to every room in your house, even to the foyer, the bath rooms, the kitchen and the balconies of the house. And all this while cutting down on the clutter.

Structured Wiring

Pre-wiring a new house for technology is one of the most important stages of building a new house. We will help you make the right decision about what to include in your structured wiring to future –proof your house. What kind of wires to use, how to run them and where to terminate them – we can lend a hand in making sure your home wiring is able to handle all your entertainment needs now and in the future.